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I found all these photos for my video on-line. So I make no claim to have taken any of the photos (I wish!)….I think it turned out pretty slick. I put this together with my Windows Live Movie Maker which is a pretty nifty application and easy to use. Trust me! If I can do this, its easy!

I’m now looking for photos of the Air Force Thunderbird’s for my next project, so stay tuned! 


Lynn and I found many old 8mm movies whilst going through mothers things at her Condo after she passed away. December 29, 2011 will be three years she has been gone. Anyway these old movies are a treasure to be sure! Thanks mom for saving these! It is however a process as I first must have them transferred from the old 8mm film to digital media. I have a link to the company that does the transfer for me in my blog so please check them out. They do an awesome job. However its a bit pricey at $15 for every five minutes of film.

I’m using Windows Live Movie Make which is very easy to use and comes bundled with Windows Live Essentials! If you have ever tried to use any video editing software it can be complicated and intimidating and that’s putting it mildly! I’m just a simple guy with a simple mind.